ADAMUN club, acting under auspices of ADA University was established in 2012 by a group of master degree students. Secretary General is head of club, assisted by 4 Under-Secretary Generals in External Affairs, Logistics, Public Relations and Personnel. Each USG has its own staff responsible for their department related activities. The club has won “Outstanding Club” for last year’s version of YouthMUN Conference. In addition, the club’s members hold awards from national and international conferences; and they have chaired local and international MUNs. ADAMUN club further cooperates with other MUN clubs on mutual promotion and exchange of delegates. Our main partners such as Rome MUN, Galatasaray MUN and Moscow International MUN provide our delegation with discount and other advantages.

The Staff:

Gunel Mukhtarova - Secretary General

Elchin Bashirov - Vice-Secretary General

Abbas Babayev - Under-Secretary General for External Affairs

Salima Ismayilzada - Under-Secretary General for Public Relations

Shamil Polukhov - Under-Secretary for Logistics

Sevda Hajiyeva - Under-Secretary General for Personnel