ADA was established in 2006, transformed into university by the decree of President in 2014 and is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


ADA University is dedicated to preparing innovative global leaders and to promoting useful collaborative research on diplomacy, public and international affairs, business, humanities and sciences, information technologies and system engineering.


The University puts its students at the very center of the community and give them the opportunity to tailor their education to their specific interests and needs. ADA University challenge them to find solutions for today’s most pressing issuesç and most importantly, promotes initiative, teamwork and collaboration that are essential skills for future leaders.


The faculty at ADA University is comprised of scholars and practitioners both from Azerbaijan and from leading universities and colleges around the globe. They contribute to this stimulating environment by engaging students in lively discussions in and outside the classroom and preparing them for rewarding careers in a variety of fields.


ADA University also offers the perfect setting to conduct academic and policy research on regional and international topics. It plays a significant role in developing a productive research climate and in stimulating a forum for innovative ideas in Azerbaijan.


It is these compelling differences – a focus on a variety of fields, an innovative model of learning, a unique setting for collaborative research – that are already making ADA University a unique center of learning in an increasingly strategic region of which Azerbaijan is part.


ADA University opened its doors to students in January 2007 and moved to its permanent “green” and "smart" campus in downtown Baku, in September of 2012.


Moving into the new campus with a significant program expansion as well, the ADA University has emerged with four schools: School of Public and International Affairs, School of Business, School of Humanities and Sciences, and School of Engineering and Information Technologies.